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What is Maritime Law? Why is it Important to call an Attorney if I was Injured Offshore?

Maritime law is complex and you will need an experienced lawyer to help you if you have been injured on a pleasure craft or jet ski, or as part of your work as a longshoreman, stevedore, deckhand or other maritime industry worker. Connect with one of our experienced lawyers for a free case review.

Video Transcript:

We have represented all types of people who are injured in maritime accidents throughout my career that could go from anyone who’s working commercially on some type of boat such as a tugboat, an offshore vessel. It would apply to people such as the pilot or the captain of the boat, a deckhand on the boat, anybody that’s assigned to work to aid the vessel in navigation. It would also apply to people who work on offshore platforms, it would apply to people who are injured on shrimp boats or a commercial or some type of a commercial fishing vessel. We have also represented people who are injured on board of a pleasure craft such as a jet ski or a boat. It doesn’t have to be related to a work or job to have maritime law apply and the very special distinction of maritime law be applicable to your case.

Finally we have represented longshoremen and stevedores, people who work on docks who have been injured for any type of an accident occurring at or near their job, maritime law would apply to them as well and they’re very certain specific rules that we are very familiar with that would apply to those claims.

With the recent conditions that have affected all of us and have forced us into social distancing, you may be at home wondering whether you are entitled to compensation. We have enacted some measures whereby we can have a free video consultation so we can talk to you face-to-face and let you know and give you the best advice we can as to whether you have a claim and you are entitled to compensation. Give us a call today to schedule your free video consultation.

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