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The experienced personal injury lawyers of Tobias & Comer Law, LLC® serve Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding areas, with compassion and a track record of success for making things right for our clients. We work each client’s case personally, from start to finish, which means we don’t hand your case over to another lawyer you don’t know at another law firm. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases in our combined seventy years of experience and have recovered over $95 million dollars for our clients. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Personal injuries can occur virtually anywhere due to defective products, dangerous surroundings, trucking and car accidents, alcohol and drug related injuries, maritime injuries, workplace accidents, or other negligence. If you have the misfortune of being involved in a serious accident, documenting as much as possible and contacting a Mobile personal injury lawyer immediately is very important. We will work with you to gather key evidence and provide our valuable expertise to recover compensation for injuries sustained due to wrongful acts of another person or company. Our compassionate attorneys are ready to help make things right for you.

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texting while driving

Understanding Legal Responsibility in Distracted Driving Accidents

Each April marks Distracted Driving Month, a public awareness campaign aimed at calling attention to the dangers distractions pose to motorists who engage in risky behavior and those they share the road with. We, therefore, thought it would be appropriate to share how big of an issue this irresponsible practice is in our state and […]
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inside bar

Holding Bars Accountable: Understanding Liquor Liability and Dram Shop Laws

Imagine stepping out of your favorite local bar, the night still young and full of possibilities. But then, tragedy strikes. A drunk driver, moments after being served one too many drinks at that very bar, causes a catastrophic accident that injures you or takes the life of a loved one.  If you’re wondering if holding […]
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crane lifting

Crane Tip Overs: Causes, Consequences, and Legal Remedies

When many people think about cranes, they often envision them being used to build skyscrapers in heavily urbanized big cities. While they’re certainly used for that purpose, they’re often used to hoist heavy objects like perhaps concrete or steel beams into the air when multi-story buildings are being constructed, in shipyards when loading and unloading […]
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Desi and family at football game

Desi Tobias Celebrates National Championship With Michigan Long-Snapper Nephew

In a surprising twist for the College Football Playoff national championship, the final game had no SEC team from Alabama. However, our own Desi Tobias had a personal reason to attend the game in Houston. His nephew, William Wagner, is the long snapper for the Michigan Wolverines, who won the national championship. Desi, an alumnus […]
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man using power tool

Common Causes and Legal Recourse for Defective Product Injuries

Most of us use a wide range of products as we go about our everyday activities. Some are manual (self-powered), while others are powered by electricity, gas, or some other energy source. While many of us don’t encounter any issues when using different items in our daily lives, injuries and fatalities do happen. In fact, […]
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car keys next to cocktail

Alcohol and Drug-Related Injuries: Liability and Compensation in Impaired Driving Cases

As a motorist, you gamble with your life every time you get on the road, whether here in Mobile or elsewhere in our state. We’re not saying this for shock value but because it’s true. Substance abuse resulting in intoxication affects a person’s fine motor skills, leading them to make poor judgment calls that cause […]
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