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Tips for Staying Safe During Mardi Gras

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Mardi Gras parades and festivities are one of the most revered traditions in Mobile and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, everyone does not celebrate in a safe manner, and harmful accidents can happen during Mardi Gras. Few things dampen festivities as quickly as injuries brought about by careless behavior, but there are tips for staying safe during Mardi Gras parades that people can adopt to avoid getting hurt. Further, people that sustain losses due to someone else’s reckless acts may be able to pursue compensation for their losses. If you were injured during Mardi Gras, it is smart to talk to an attorney about your possible claims. The skilled Mobile personal injury attorneys of Tobias & Comer Law, LLC, dedicate their practice to helping people hurt by the carelessness of others.

Tips for Staying Safe During Mardi Gras

Numerous elements present a risk of harm during Mardi Gras parades, including unruly crowds, moving floats, parade vehicles that travel close to pedestrians, and intoxicated individuals. Additionally, debris and obscured defects on sidewalks and roadways can create tripping hazards. To avoid getting injured in an accident during Mardi Gras, people need to be mindful of their surroundings and other parade observers. They should also avoid consuming alcohol to the degree that negatively impacts their senses or ability to speak or walk, and if you are underage you should not be drinking at all.

People should also refrain from getting too close to floats, attempting to grab or climb onto parade vehicles, or touching the people riding on them. It is also important to remain alert at all times, especially when walking in crowded areas or places where the conditions of the ground are not readily observable. Parties should be on the lookout for objects thrown from parade floats as well, as they are often heavy and can cause injuries if they strike people who are not paying attention.

Unfortunately, even if people abide by the aforementioned tips for staying safe during Mardi Gras celebrations, injuries are common. Typically, such harm is brought about by reckless behavior. People hurt by the carelessness of others often suffer significant physical, emotional, and financial losses and will subsequently seek to recover damages via civil claims.

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A plaintiff that proves harm suffered during a Mardi Gras parade that arose out of the defendant’s wrongful conduct may be awarded compensation for their economic losses, including the cost of medical care and lost wages, and their non-economic harm, including physical pain and suffering and emotional and mental distress. If the wrongful conduct is especially egregious, the defendant may be ordered to pay punitive damages to punish the bad actor and deter others from engaging in similar conduct in the future.

Talk to a Dedicated Mobile Personal Injury Attorney About Your Potential Claims

Going to a Mardi Gras parade should be an enjoyable experience, but not everyone abides by the tips for staying safe during Mardi Gras, and harmful incidents are sadly a common occurrence. If you were hurt during a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile, it is important to talk to an attorney about your claim. The dedicated Mobile personal injury attorneys of Tobias & Comer Law, LLC, have ample experience helping people injured due to the wrongful conduct of others in the pursuit of compensation, and if you hire us, we can formulate compelling arguments in favor of your recovery of damages. Our office is located in Mobile, and we frequently represent injured people in lawsuits throughout Alabama. You can reach us through our form online or at (251) 432-5001 to set up a conference.

Top 10 Mardi Gras Safety Tips

  1. Stay aware of your surroundings and mindful of the parade route.
  2. Do not touch or grab at float riders or their throws.
  3. Keep a safe distance from the floats and parade vehicles; do not cross barricades.
  4. Follow any rules or guidelines set by the parade organizers.
  5. Limit alcohol consumption to avoid accidents and remain aware of your surroundings.
  6. Attend parades in groups with family or friends.
  7. Choose a well-lit area for night parades.
  8. Keep an eye on young children to ensure their safety.
  9. Be careful walking to and from the parades – watch for cars and golf carts.
  10. Stay alert for throws during the parades to avoid being hit by heavy or large throws that could cause injury.

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