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Product Liability – What To Do if Injured By a Defective Product in Alabama?

If you have suffered harm due to a manufacturer’s defective product, you should retain an experienced product liability lawyer. We have extensive experience handling complex cases involving defective and dangerous products. Connect with one of our experienced lawyers for a free case review.

Video Transcript:

Desi Tobias: In my years as a product liability lawyer I have found that there are a lot of products wherein regulations are somehow loose or do not apply, and that manufacturers are using a certain gap in the regulations to put products on the market that they know are defective. This could be with ATVs, with lawn mowers, with any type of product that we use as consumers.

We at Tobias & Comer Law, LLC are familiar with how manufacturers try to evade responsibility by not putting safe devices on the product and instead will skirt or take advantage of loose or non-existent regulations. We are very proud that we have helped people and also helped make this society safer for people where products are dangerous.

In regard to workplace injuries, you’re usually entitled to worker compensation. However there may be some other person or party or product that is at fault. You may be injured by a faulty, defective product and have a claim directly against that product manufacturer or against any third party who was injured or caused you to be injured.

Give us a call today to schedule your free video consultation about your case. We are experienced product liability lawyers in the Mobile, Alabama area.

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